Stoke road, Stokeinteignhead

Please forward:

Details of all works carried out by DCC in terms of sweeping, buddle hole identifying and clearing, highway drainage CCTV servers and jetting (including results) between pools weir to Deane road in the past 12 months.

The cleaning records can be seen via the link below.  This does include a a copy of a recent CCTV report carried out in Stoke Road. Due to the flows within the pipe the survey was abandoned, therefore the results are limited.

Cleaning records

Flood appraisal 2014 – what recommendations have been used from the appraisal?

A spreadsheet detailing what recommendations in the 2014 Flood Appraisal  have been implemented/progressed, with an explanation can be viewed via the link below:

Appraisal spreadsheet

Road between Stoke Road, leading up to Ridge Road (serves Coscombe) – what is the classification of this road, and is this a public highway?

We can confirm that this road serving Coscombe is shown as a highway maintainable at public expense, and its classification is recorded as being the J1115.  This can be seen on the plan available via the link below:

Highways plan