STI postal testing services

The information I am requesting is as follows: Broadly, information on the availability of free (at point of use) postal STI testing services. More specifically, information on the availability of chlamydia, HIV, syphilis, and gonorrhoea testing. I would like for the information to be broken down in the following way:

– Whether postal services for STI testing (for any or all of the above named STIs) are available


– If so, which STI(s) are tested for


– If so, which age, gender, and other criteria are used to determine eligibility for a postal service kit (broken down by STI if relevant)


– If so, which provider is commissioned to provide these services (broken down by STI if relevant)

Northern Devon Healthcare Trust

This information should be broken down to ward or post code level, if possible, or the smallest possible administrative area otherwise.

Devon County Council do not hold this information.