Staverton Bridge Mill

Please confirm the time scale for determining this application.

1.Date of survey notification 

At this stage Devon County Council unable to confirm specific dates or timescales, as requested, as the application has yet to be programmed for investigation.

It is the County Council’s policy that Schedule 14 applications and other such claims will be dealt with as part of the parish-by-parish Definitive Map Review.

New claims which arise in a parish where the review has been completed will be deferred until the whole of the County has been reviewed. Completion of the parish-by-parish Definitive Map Review will be sought before 1 January 2020, therefore it is likely that the application in question will be determined at some time after this date. Our priorities may be subject to review in the intervening period and any policy updates affecting our statement of priorities will be published on our website.

At the appropriate time the application will be determined in line with the relevant statutory procedures under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 and our own standard procedures.

2.Or adjoining landowners

See response above. Any owners and occupiers of land affected by the application, including adjoining landowners if the land crossed by the claimed route is unregistered, will be notified and consulted at that time.

3.Please confirm that adjoining riparian owners will be notified.

This may include adjoining riparian owners if they own land crossed by or adjoining the claimed route.

4.Time scale for public notification

See response above. The claim will be subject to public consultation as part of the determination process.

5.Time scale for public hearing

We are unable to say whether or not there would be any public hearing in respect of the application, nor the timescale of any such hearing, as it would depend on the outcome of the County Council’s determination of the application.