Staverton Bridge Mill

Has Devon County Council surveyed the location of the above application?


Regarding Application reference DMR Staverton 6; Location Staverton Bridge Mill TQ9 6NT; OS Grid Reference SX784637 The application plan shows it joining the highway at an arch in Staverton Bridge with a vertical drop of 13 feet, so how can it be considered as a footpath.

By way of background, the application has been made to Devon County Council under Schedule 14 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981; further information about this process, together with the County Council’s policies which set out our priorities for determining such applications, is available on the Council’s website.

This application has not yet been investigated or determined by the Council and therefore we are unable to answer any questions concerning the merits of the claim. All available evidence, in support of or against the claim will be evaluated in due course, at which time affected landowners will also be consulted.

Can any supporting documents be relied on for creating a footpath with a 13 foot vertical drop?

Please see previous answer

The application plan shows it starts under the arch of Staverton Bridge of which I jointly own the freehold title of the river bed. Does this plan inter any right over our freehold river bed?

The plan accompanying the application (available to view on the register of applications held on the Council’s online map) indicates the land over which public rights are claimed.

In light of thresher facts will the applicant have to re submit his application?

We are unable to answer this question as the claim has yet to be investigated or determined – please see previous responses. If, in due course, following investigation and evaluation of the available evidence, the application is refused, the applicant would have a right of appeal to the Secretary of State against the

County Council’s decision (under the provisions of Schedule 14). A decision to refuse the application as made would also not preclude a new application being submitted.

If the applicant re submits an application what date will be allowed for his application? 

The date any new application is received.

Will new supporting documents, letter, evidence be required with a new application? 

It would depend on the circumstances of the case and the reason for any new application.