Statutory nuisance complaints

I am writing to you under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, to request the following information from your authority.

Regarding the issue of statutory nuisance and noise abatement complaints received by your authority, could you please provide responses to the following six questions covering the two time periods stated below:

1st August 2015 ‘ 31st July 2016 1st August 2016 ‘ 31st July 2017
1 How many statutory nuisance complaints did the council receive?
2 How many noise abatement orders did the council issue?
3 How many noise abatement orders have been broken?
4 How many fines were given out for broken noise abatement orders?
5 What was the total value of these fines?

6. How many complaints has the council received for each of the following categories in the time periods below?

Issue Number of complaints from 1st August 2015 ‘ 31st July 2016 Number of complaints from 1st August 2016 ‘ 31st July 2017
Noise (including loud music and barking dogs)
Artificial light (except street lights)
Smokes, fumes or gases
A build-up of rubbish
High hedges, trees or boundaries
Animals ‘ e.g. smells, damage, number of animals
Condition and maintenance of domestic premises
Parking and vehicles including mobile homes, caravans and all other motorised and non-motorised vehicles


Devon County Council does not hold the information you have requested.   Statutory nuisance complaints are handled by district, city or unitary councils.   We therefore recommend that you approach a district, city or unitary council for this information.   Their contact details can be found our website at: