Station Road, Okehampton – parking permits

I am informed that there have previously been applications for resident permit parking on the areas currently designated as ‘restricted parking’, and the bottom end of Station Road, Okehampton.

Please can I have sight of papers for historic consultations and the reasons for refusal to these applications.

The matter of residents parking was most recently considered as part of the Devon County Council review of parking in Okehampton in 2015.

As reported to the West Devon Highway and Traffic Orders Committee (HATOC) in November 2016 (which can be viewed online at; see item 5 ) “the potential for residents parking within the town was thoroughly explored with the Town Council when preparing the consultation. At the time the Town Council was of the view there is would be little or no demand for Residents Parking in Okehampton” and was not therefore progressed as part of that review.

However, subsequently a petition was received requesting that residents parking was considered, the committee acknowledged the petition and resolved that “the issue of Residents Parking within the Town of Okehampton be re-examined if evidence can be produced by the local community that sufficient demand for such a scheme exists”.