Staff Numbers, ICT Intranet Budget and Software

“Under the freedom of information act 2000, I’m writing to obtain the following information:-

1) How many employees are working in the council?

This information is publicly available on the Devon County Council (DCC) website via the HR Dashboard which can be accessed by following the below link:-

HR Dashboard

2) What is your annual IT budget? £9,405,000 (Net).

3) What is your annual Intranet budget? £9,000 (excluding associated staffing, overheads and technical platform).

4) What is your current Intranet solution and how long has it been in use? DCC does not currently have an ‘Intranet’ as per the conventional definition.

DCC’s staff pages are on (, which is not strictly intranet, as they are in the public domain, implemented using opensource cms WordPress.

Intranet as defined by other information, documents etc that are only accessible to staff is predominantly managed by Sharepoint and O365.

DCC has been managing the staff facing public pages in this way for around 2 years.

5) Do you use Open Source applications, such as Drupal or WordPress?

DCC uses the open source content management system, WordPress.

6) Who is responsible for managing your Intranet?

The Corporate Communications Team manage all aspects of the staff pages website, including development, support, hosting and content. Contact

Sharepoint is managed by ICT.

7) Who is responsible for the procurement of your Intranet? Marisa Smyth, ICT Partnership and Architecture Manager

8) Who is responsible for managing your IT Team? Gary Dempster, ICT Strategic Commissioning Manager

9) Do you use any other SaaS (Software as a service) applications?  Yes.

10) Who are your main software vendors? Microsoft, OLM, Capita, WDM, Software AG and Oracle.

11) Do you use Azure / Amazon Web Services or Office 365?  Yes.

12) Do you have a digital workplace strategy?” No, but we do have a Digital Devon website providing guidance– link provided here –