St Pauls Road, Newton Abbot

Please could you answer the following questions.

Who asked for changes to St Pauls Road to be made? Was it the County or an individual who wanted these lines put down?

Devon County Council received an enquiry from a member of the public.  Councillor Gordon Hook was also advised of the issue and subsequently we advertised proposals to amend the parking restrictions before we made the changes.

Why was the bridge at the end of the road constructed and put in place in what once was a cul-de-sac road? For the record, the residents know the answer but want clarification for Devon County Council.

Devon County Council did not construct the bridge and we therefore do not hold this information.    However, we can confirm that planning information concerning the bridge is available online at:

Also, again we ask, how many paid for and valid residents permits are there, and against how many allotted parking spaces in the A Zone in Newton Abbot.

There are currently 263 active residents permits (6 November 2018) in zone A Newton Abbot. We do not hold information on the allotted number of spaces in the zone