Sports and Leisure; Pool and Swimming – Facilities and Service

A list of each council / public pool facility with address and contact details; phone & email address for either a pool only facility or a pool within a Sports / Leisure, or other, facility. 2. Details of who manages the pools or sports / leisure, or other, facility; either council directly, a trust, management company or combination. 3. Which centers have public single sex swimming sessions as part of the timetable (inclusive of normal and summer time table changes). 4. How many hours of single sex swimming sessions per week are provided per gender (female / male). 5. If only one gender, either female or male, is provided for please supply the data (supportive evidence) that shows need and the demand over and above a provision for the opposite gender.

Devon County Council do not hold this information. These requests for information relates to services provided by District and Unitary councils in Devon

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