Spend on Disabled Parking Bays

“Devon don’t charge for advisory disabled bays, but they spent £100,000 last year on something the law does not allow them to do. How bizarre is that? At a time when services are being cut, why are Devon spending money on unlawful bays and unenforceable? Advisory bays were not even allowed under the TSRGD 2002 due to directions 7 and 25.  So if £100,000 is the sum spent on average each year, this means Devon has mis-spent/wasted in the region of £1,700,000.00 total on bays the law told them they cannot place.

Which senior officer approved this submission on behalf of the DCC.”

The ability to charge for disabled bays was included in the Cabinet Member decision for fees and charges in 2015.  Due to concerns from Members about various issues including this potential charge, the member decision was called in by the then Place Scrutiny Committee on 17th June 2015 (Minute 78 refers) for further examination.  After due consideration, the Place Scrutiny Committee was satisfied with the Cabinet Member’s decision.

The letter to the Cabinet Member was written by David Whitton, Head of Highways Capital Development and Waste at the time.