Speed surveys – Whitehall

I wish to gain access to the raw data of the speed surveys that were carried out in the hamlet of Whitehall, near Landcross EX39 5HF, Bideford between 07/08/2018 and 15/08/2018 and also on 22/10/18

The data for the two traffic surveys is available as requested.   They can be seen via the links below:

August 2018 data

October 2018 data

Please note that the equipment used at these surveys was different, meaning that the subsequent results format is also different.

The short term survey undertaken in October 2018 enabled the speeds of individual vehicles to be noted. Whereas the August 2018 survey was undertaken using equipment which records the vehicle speeds into 5mph ranges every hour. The actual speed of every individual vehicle does not get stored separately and we therefore do not hold this information.