Speed Survey Results, Spreyton

“Please provide full data from traffic speed survey carried out at Spreyton by Highways during December 2018/January 2019.

Also, has the data been discussed at a Speed Compliance Action Review Forum (SCARF) meeting?” 

Speed data taken at Spreyton is provided below (Survey 1 and Survey 2).  Please note that there is no C2 data available as speeds were taken using a handheld device only.  To clarify, C2 data is a data system managed by Devon County Council (DCC) that collects a variety of data from traffic flow, speed, volumes from static sites on main roads through to temporary data collection sites that are requested through the SCARF meeting.

Survey 1

Survey 2

This location was discussed at SCARF briefly following the initial handheld results and is due to be discussed at the next SCARF meeting in relation to the Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) signing request.

SCARF is a multiagency meeting between Devon and Cornwall Police, DCC local Highway department, Road Safety Team and the central traffic team where locations are investigated in terms of speed and safety complaints.   DCC collects 24/7 traffic data, looks at the accident history and uses engineering experience to determine if a location warrants action, this can take many forms from simple sign or lining improvements through to police enforcement/cameras.

SCARF is also a mechanism to review speed limit changes.  DCC does not take all speed complaints to SCARF as there is a cost in collecting data and officer time; this is only for sites that we believe warrant additional investigation.