Speed limit policies and history

Regarding the residents concern as to the speed and generally road safety on the stretch of Exeter Road outside of the Moorland Reach and Potters Lea developments:

1. . Please can you send me a copy of the Devon Highways policy regarding the setting of speed limits and confirm whether it is standard policy to only adjust speed limits after an accident has been recorded.

A copy of the requested policy is available via the link below:

Local speed limits

2. Please can you confirm when the speed limit on that stretch of road was last reviewed, and last altered, and provide me with all reports and documents pertaining to that review and alteration.

We can confirm this was the 7th November 2014.  The documentation available via the link below provides further details:

Traffic order


3. I find it difficult to believe that the mean speed on that stretch of road is 34mph. Please can you advise the dates your survey was undertaken? If this was during lockdown do you consider this to be an accurate survey?

The record of the survey which was carried out between the 25th February and 2nd March 2020 is available via the link below:


4. I formally request disclosure of all documents relevant to speed and safety on that stretch of road under the Freedom of Information Act, including but not limited to:
a. The policy documents mentioned above;
b. All documents pertaining to your recent SCARF process;
c. All documents pertaining to recorded incidents on that stretch of road between 2015 and 2019;
d. Devon Highways’ risk assessment or other reports and documents regarding speed and road safety on this stretch of road both at the date of the last date the speed limit was changed and any subsequent periodic reviews.

We hold no information beyond the details provided in response to the above questions.