Specialist residential placements – adults and children

Acquired Brain Injury, Autism, Neurological Conditions, Challenging Behaviour, Physical Disability and Mental Health. Adult and Child.

1. How do you currently make referrals for Specialist Residential Placements as denoted above?

Adult Placements are sourced from Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered care homes on an individual needs basis. Adult placements for disability and autism are put through our standard brokerage, or personal brokerage or enhanced brokerage call off systems, depending on the indicative price of the package being sought, following agreement from a panel or senior manager.

Adult mental health assessment is completed either by Devon Partnership Trust Social Work, IPP or Community Forensic Teams and an outcome statement is sent to Devon County Council Personal Brokerage to source a suitable placement. An application is then made to funding panel with final sign off for residential placements being made by the Managing Partner for Social Care.

Children’s placements are requested through our Placements Team via a placement request form and following agreement from a panel or senior manager.

Children’s homes are registered by Ofsted in accordance with the Care Standards Act 2000 to provide care to young people and will be registered for one or more of the following:-

  • Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties
  • Mental Disorders
  • Sensory Impairment
  • Present Alcohol Problems
  • Present Drug Problems
  • Learning Difficulty
  • Physical Disabilities

Referrals are made to childrens homes through are children’s placements team, this action would be completed by email and where necessary via telephone call to providers of these services

2. Do you currently source Specialist Residential Placements out of county?

Yes if required, depending on the needs of the child.

Yes, for adult social care, depending on the needs of the individual.

Yes, for adult mental health  depending on the assessment. Placements are usually sourced in collaboration with local mental health services, with the rest of the process as outlined in the response to Q1.

3. Please provide the Name, Telephone and Email address of the person who would make referrals for the services above

This is not a specific person, but rather the Children’s Placements Team, 01392 383000, childrensplacements-mailbox@devon.gov.uk

For adult social care this could be any number of people from across the health and social care system, initial enquiries can be made to Care Direct on 0345 155 1007 or email csc.caredirect@devon.gov.uk

For adult disability and autism this is not a specific person, but a system pathway that commences with referral to Care Direct on 0345 155 1007 or email csc.caredirect@devon.gov.uk. Our Helping you find support page also provides information about what you can do if you or someone you care for needs some extra support.

For adult mental health Personal Brokerage would source placements within County or occasionally within a certain radius of Devon if they have providers registered with DCC Brokerage.  There are no specific contacts for Out of County placements, this would depend on location and availability of local Community Mental Health Teams for information.

4. Do providers need to be on a Framework, AQP, APL, DPS to obtain referrals?

For adult social care providers need to be CQC registered and sign up to our overarching terms and conditions to meet our specifications. We do not currently operate a framework contract.

For adult mental health we do not have any contracting framework in place for adults of working age with mental health conditions. We use DCC Brokerage to source placements and negotiate placements and costs on an individual basis.

For childrens social care, we have a framework and generally placements sought and sourced are on that framework. If providers are off the framework, further quality assurance checks would be undertaken including visits. We have a framework in place for children’s home placements which is a Peninsula Collaboration meaning that it includes the following authorities:-

  • Somerset County Council
  • Plymouth City Council
  • Torbay Council
  • Devon County Council

Our call off process sets out that we refer to providers on the framework first. If this does not produce a successful match then we would then go to providers outside of the framework which would lead to a Spot Purchase arrangement being used.

5. If the answer to Q4 is yes then please provide details of how to be included on the necessary Framework, AQP, APL, DPS etc.

For adult and childrens social care providers can find details on the Supplying the South West website.

For assistance with finding the right information on the above please contact the Procurement service on their mailbox. 

6. Do you have a fixed charge rates for Specialist Residential Placements and if Yes please advise what your charge rate is. 

No, therefore we do not hold this information.