Special Educational Needs Statements

I would like to know how many children were on your register as having a Statement of Special Educational Needs prior to the introduction of EHCPs on 1 September 2014. 


I would like to know how many children identified in Q1, who still meet the required age criteria, have not been awarded an EHCP following a transfer review from SEN to EHCP since 14 September 2014. 

The response to this question would vary depending on if the ‘required age criteria’ as stated in the question refers to the criteria under the Statement of education need system or under the new EHCP system.

The response below therefore shows those for whom the plans would normally cease after statutory school age (as per the statement system) separately to those whose statement ceased after they would have left school as per the EHCP system.  All statements which ceased had the agreement of the family.

Before the end of statutory schooling – 59 statements ceased

Pupils beyond statutory school age – 261 statements ceased 

How many of the children identified in Q1 are still waiting for an EHCP assessment as of 15th May 2018? 

There are no children identified in Q1 still waiting for an EHCP assessment  as all finals have been issued.