Special Educational Needs including Dyslexia and Auditory Processing Disorder

In your authority area:

How many LEA schools provide pre-school education?                                                   

There are 169 school run early years providers in Spring 2019.

How many children are registered to attend pre-school at LEA schools?                  

4,621 funded children in LA provision in spring 2019

How many LEA schools provide reception school education?                                       

320 schools including 6 special schools (does not include Pupil Referral Units)

How many children are registered to attend reception at LEA schools?                   

from spring census 2019 Number on Roll in Reception are 7768 (including 38 in special schools)

Do any of your information sources relating to Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) contain information specifically about dyslexia?                         

Yes, we have a Devon policy on Dyslexia and we commission two specialist advisory teachers in this area.

Do any of your information sources relating to SEND contain information specifically about Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)?                         

Information regarding services available for those Sensory Impairments including APD can be found under Local Offer, through the GP and on the Babcock LDP Learner Services.  Specific information about APD can be found on the Local Offer and through Chime which provides NHS Audiology Services for NHS Devon  https://www.chimehealth.co.uk/childrens-hearing/auditory-processing-disorder. Support can be accessed through the NHS, the school SENCo, Babcock Educational Psychology Service and Hearing Impairment Team.

How many children in your area are registered for SEND support?                            

Support through an EHCP = 5,473 plus SEN support without an EHCP = 13,781. 

Do you hold information on the number of children with dyslexia registered for SEND support?                                                       No.

If yes how many are registered currently?                                                                         

Not known.

Do you hold information on the number of children with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) registered for SEND support?     Yes.  If a young Person has a confirmed diagnosis then Devon will purchase support for that individual.

If yes how many are registered currently?                                                                            


The British Association of Teachers for the Deaf (BATOD) recommendation for the acoustics of classrooms is an Unoccupied Noise Level of 35dB(A). 

Does the LEA audit compliance with this recommendation?

Never                                                                                             At least every 10 years                  

At least every 5 years                                                               At least every 2 years                    

Annually                                                                                        Other:   Not known

** Devon County Council does not undertake any audits of its existing school sites in terms of acoustics, but in terms of the acoustic performance we target for classroom spaces when we are undertaking new build it is 35dB(A) and for refurbishment 40dB(A). This is modelled at design stage (where appropriate) but we do not test once constructed.

BATOD also provide information about APD through MESHguides.org, a resource provided by the Education Futures Collaboration Charity.  There is also a MESHguide about dyslexia. 

Is your SEND service aware of the MESHguides resource for teachers?     Yes