South Hams Planning Application at Ugborough

“Please provide:-

1. The cost of producing the original Teignconsult Drainage Assessment and plan for a private development proposed at, Lutterburn Farm, Ugborough (which was only made public when the planning application was lodged).  Planning Application Ref: 3460/17/OPA.

Information not held.*

2. Name of the councillor who commissioned the report for a private development.

Information not held.*

3. Cost of moving the lamp post at the entrance to Lutterburn Farm. 

The cost of removing the Lamp column was £539.87.

4. Cost of legal advice for the siting of the lamppost on land not owned by Devon County Council. 

We do not hold this information.  Time spent on the case by legal services officers was not recorded, so it is not possible to calculate a cost.

5. Cost of upgrading the electrical supply transformer order to accommodate the development demand before planning was approved. 

Information not held.*

6. Cost of legal advice for the dispute pertaining to the original flood escape access through the grounds of Ugborough Primary School.” 

Information not held.*

*We do not hold information for questions 1, 2, 5 or 6 as this is a private development.  Further information may be held by the local planning authority or by the developer themselves.