Software systems

1. The software systems used for the following service areas:

(If you are going through procurement and have confirmation that you are changing your system(s), please provide the name of the software system you are moving to, rather than the one currently being used).
If you do not have software systems due to not providing the service, e.g. County Council’s with building control, please respond N/A.

(a) Planning (Development Management) and Enforcement – MasterGov but this also uses ESRI ArcGIS Engine
(b) Building Control – N/A (This area is the responsibility of district, city and unitary authorities)
(c) Land Charges – ARC map
(d) Licensing – Iways (highways) and Trading Standards system
(e) GIS – Corporately this is ESRI but Devon County Council also use MapInfo (Desktops and Applications) and QGis (Desktop and I-Ways)

2. If you are considering undergoing a procurement exercise in the next 12 months or are part way through procurement but haven’t confirmed the supplier, please respond ‘yes’ to the respective service areas.

(a) Planning (Development Management) and Enforcement
(b) Building Control
(c) Land Charges
(d) Licensing
(e) GIS

We can confirm that for all these areas no procurement exercise is anticipated in the next 12 months.