Social care case management

Our request under the Freedom of Information Act:

1.Name of authority

Devon County Council

2.Do you currently have an electronic record system(s) in place for social care case management?


3.Can you provide a name for the system(s)?

OLM CareFirst

4.How much are you currently spending on this system(s) annually for licensing and support fees?

Approximately £200,000 per annum

5.What is the date of contract expiry for the system(s)?

The existing contract with OLM comes up for contract end and review in February 2019.

6.Do you intend to go to tender for a new Case Management system (if applicable)?

We regularly review our contracts and when it is felt strategically appropriate a view will be taken on going out to the market.

7.How many users does your Case Management system have? (an estimation if unsure)

Approximately 2800

8.How is your system hosted?

Hosting as a service from an external provider.

9.What is the name and email address of the person responsible for the IT strategy in your authority?

Gary Dempster
ICT Strategic Commissioning Manager
Digital Transformation and Business Support
Devon County Council
County Hall

10.What is the name and email address of the person responsible for procurement of Social Care systems in your authority?

ICT Strategic Commissioning Team, as above, working in partnership with business leads