Snoring complaints

Do you regard snoring as a noise nuisance and accept and investigate complaints about snoring if any are made?   

If yes   

1) Have you ever received any complaints about snoring?   

2) How many complaints have you received?  

3) Were the complainants from tenants or home owners?  

If you hold this information please separate them into figures for each.  

4) How did you deal with the complaints to try to resolve them and what were the outcomes?   

I would like as much detail about how you intervened from the time of the complaint/s to the end of the process.   

Especially interested in how you deal with the person complained about IE write to them to tell them to stop the noise and on what grounds they have to stop it.   

If you have a copy of the wording of any sent letter (a template one or a copy of just the text that was in the letter with all personal details removed), could you supply me with that wording?  

5) Did any of the complaints result in any legal action and if so why was that action deemed necessary? IE they failed to comply with requests to stop the noise  

Please be as detailed as you are able in reply to any attempts that were made before legal action was taken.  

6) If you took legal action what were the judgments and could you supply me with a copy of any of these judgments?   

7) If you attempt to gather any evidence to try to support snoring complaints what evidence do you look to find to support the complaints?  

8) If you received complaints but took no action what were the grounds to dismiss the complaints?   

I would like as much detail as you can supply as to why in those cases you did not take it further.

Devon County Council does not hold the information you have requested. We believe noise to be an environmental health issue and along with housing it is the responsibility of district and unitary authorities You may want to contact them direct on the link provided.