Skern Lodge, Watertown, Appledore, BIDEFORD

We would be grateful if you could search your records for Skern Lodge, Watertown, Appledore, BIDEFORD, EX39 1NG. In particular, please respond to the following questions, although any additional information would be useful:

1. Has the site been identified for inspection or further review under the Council’s Contaminated Land Strategy (or other Part IIA undertaking)? If so, please describe the priority status/risk ranking of the site and the likely timescale for any further scrutiny of the site.

Devon County Council hold no information on this as this is the responsibility of Torridge District Council. We would therefore recommend that you contact Torridge District Council; their contact details can be found on their website at:

2. Are there any known contamination issues associated with the site or in the near vicinity e.g. in terms of former or current contaminative site uses, leaks or spills of any oil/chemical substances etc.? If there have been any intrusive investigations at the site or near vicinity, please provide dates and titles of any reports and confirm whether the reports are publicly available.

Please refer to our answer to question 1 above.

3. Please provide the following details of any current or former landfills located within a 250m radius of the site:
a) The location of all landfills, both closed and operational (i.e. National Grid Reference and location plan if available).
b) Dates when the landfill was operational.
c) Types of waste deposited.
d) Any information on volume of waste deposited, depth of infilling and landfill structure.
e) Details of any landfill gas monitoring, site investigation or gas spiking undertaken at the landfill or in the immediate vicinity of the site.

Devon County Council is not aware of any current landfill sites within 250m of the site. We do not maintain comprehensive records of closed landfill sites so we do not hold any further information.

4. Have elevated indoor radon gas concentrations been identified within buildings on or within 100m of the site? Have radon protection measures been required in buildings on site or within 100m? If so, please provide details.

Please refer to our response to question 1 above.

5. Are there any known current or former nuisance issues, prosecutions or enforcements associated with the site or adjoining properties, e.g. noise, odour or dust issues/complaints? If yes, what was the nature of the issue and what was the outcome?

Please refer to our response to question 1 above.

6. Are there any known private water supplies recorded on your Local Authority Private Water Supply Register, within 2km radius of the site? If yes what is the location (i.e. NGR), the source of abstraction and its purpose?

Please refer to our response to question 1 above.

7. Please provide details of any Part A(2) or Part B Environmental Permits (formerly LAAPC/LAPPC authorisations) licensed to the site or to adjoining properties.

Please refer to our response to question 1 above.