Siblings in care

Please provide the following information that your local authority holds as of 15th July 2019:

1) How many sibling groups are in the care of your local authority, as of 15th July 2019? ‘Sibling’ should include full siblings, half siblings, step siblings and adoptive siblings

As at 15/07/19, we had 376 children in care who has at least 1 “Sibling” who was also in care.

2) How many children in your care, who are part of a sibling group, are not living with at least one of those siblings, as of 15th July 2019?

Of the 376 Children in care who also had a “Sibling” in care, 153 were not placed with at least 1 sibling.

We should further clarify that not all siblings would be placed together, some siblings might normally reside apart and might come into care separately and thus would not necessarily be assessed to be together. Also, children in care who were originally together might now be apart if they have reached an age to move into a more independent living or supportive lodgings type of placement.