Sexual activity complaints against adults

Please tell me the number of complaints or reports about sexual activity between an adult and children aged 16 or 17 in their care made to the Local Authority Designated Officer in the last three years (April 1st to March 31st) in relation to:

Please exclude from this request any complaints made about adults working in education and care settings; clinics; hospitals; voluntary children’s homes; residential family centres; criminal justice settings.


2. Please tell me how many complaints of this nature led to a referral being made to the Disclosure and Barring Service.

We hold this information but believe that disclosure may identify individuals unfairly and be against the reasonable expectations of the data subjects and therefore not comply with the first data protection  principle – that processing is fair and lawful. For that reason we are exempting the information from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act Section 40 (2)  – Personal Data.

3. Please tell me what fields the adults complained about were working in.

In relation to question 1, the fields the adults worked in were sport, health, religion, youth work and fostering.