Service Provider for Temporary Staffing Requirements

“Do you currently have a contract(s) in place with a Managed Service Provider for temporary staffing requirements?


Can you confirm who this/these are with?

De Poel.

Please advise the start date of this/these?

The contract was signed 31st July 2016 but implementation did not go live until February 2017.

Please advise the end date of this/these?

The duration is for 36 months with an option to extend for a further 12 months.

Please advise the duration (including possible extensions)?

As above.

Please advise the categories of staff this contract(s) covers?

All categories.

What’s the annual spend via the contract(s)?

 Spend as follows:-

April 2017        £490,863

May 2017         £435,033

June 2017       £642,390

July 2017         £399,593

August 2017    £441,968

Total:               £2,409,847


Please advise the breakdown per category of the spend via the contract?

The following breakdown is for the month of August 2017 to give you an example:-

Adult Social Care  £       74,058
Business Support  £       11,338
Other  £       18,303
HR  £       15,278
Other  £         3,866
Children’s Services  £       13,282
Children’s Services Qualified  £     275,847
Social Care Commissioning  £       29,996
Grand Total  £     441,968


Is there any off contract spend? If so, how much?

Since April 2017 as below:-

Month Spend
April £32,185
May £10,039
June £15,207
July      £440
Aug  £6,124

Does this only cover temporary or does it include permanent staffing?

Temporary only

If both, please advise the temporary/permanent split?”

Not applicable.