SEND and ASC transport spend

For the last 3 financial years (by year), and latest financial year (estimated):

Spend on Special Education Needs & Disability [SEND] transport i.e. taking children with SEND to and from school 

2014/15: Transport for SEN in this year was not a separate budget and was included in the total Education transport budget of £21,401,699.  The estimated SEN cost was in the region of £7.8million

2015/16: £8,138,044

2016/17: £9,835,224

2017/18: £10,501,387

Number of SEND passengers transported

Number per school day

2014/15: 1536

2015/16: 1549

2016/17: 1551

2017/18: 1463 (reflects change in Post 16 policy from September 2017 with figure no longer including Post 16 SEN travelling independently)

Number per school day

Value of all council / authority SEND transport contracts awarded to private hire or taxi operators (excluding coach hire)  

2014/15: £2,845,682 (Note: Only includes costs of taxi transport to special schools and not other establishments due to way budget was divided)

2015/16: £4,677,216

2016/17: £4,473,464

2017/18: £4,901,560

Spend on Adult Social Care [ASC] transport i.e. taking elderly passengers to and from day centres 

2014/15: £965,954

2015/16: £1,124,971

2016/17: £1,223,008

2017/18: £1,179,532 (Position as at month 10)

Figures are total for all commissioned Adult Social Care Transport.  Transport is not defined by purpose (for example day care)

Excludes internal fleet costs

Number of ASC passengers transported 

2014/15: An average of 1367 passenger trips per week

2015/16: An average of 1440 passenger trips per week

2016/17: An average of 1205 passenger trips per week

2017/18: An average of  938 passenger trips per week

These numbers only reflect passengers booked direct via the transport unit – many contracts are procured on the basis of a vehicle only with the centre, unit or social care managers managing the loadings.  This are not included in the totals above

Value of all council / authority ASC transport contracts awarded to private hire (PHV) or taxi operators (excluding coach hire)

2014/15: £493,918.08

2015/16: £566,904.78

2016/17: £723,544.61 (increase reflects change due to the closure of many internal day centres and reduction in the number of internal fleet vehicles allocated to work

2017/18: £705,668.78 (Position as at month 11)