Section 38 agreement – road adoption

Admiral Way Exeter EX2 7GT

A local search reveals that a planning application was submitted with the reference 13/3046 for the discharge of conditions 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10 & 13 to the reserved matters consent 12/0870 relating to the development of which the property forms part. Some five years later, the discharge application still has no decision.  

Could you please ask the planning officer (Exeter City Council) to ask the reasons for the delay and whether this is something that an individual purchaser should be concerned with. 

Devon County Council is not responsible for planning applications and therefore does not hold the information requested.  Following communication we believe Exeter City Council is responding to this question.

The section of Admiral Way which serves the property is said to be subject to a road adoption agreement supported by a bond. We believe the date of this agreement is the 19th January 2017. The local authority reference is either COV85 or PF282365.  

Could you please provide a copy of the agreement and confirm when the roads are expected to be adopted? 

Section 38 agreement. We do not have a timeframe for the adoption of the road, it is dependent on when Persimmon Homes complete sewers and other associated works.

Within the Section 38 agreement you notice certain words and phrases have been blanked out, this is because they identify individuals meaning disclosure would be in breach of the First Principle of the Data Protection Act. Therefore, this information is exempt under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 section 40(2) Personal Data.