Section 20 orders

How many children are currently held on a Section 20 order ?

154 children in care under a Section 20 order as at 21/06/18

How many children have been removed off a section 20 order in the last 12 calendar months?

188 children had Section 20 orders which ended between 22/06/2017 and 21/06/18

Of the children removed from a section 20 order in past 12 calendar months . how many of these children were placed into LA care? ? how many of these cases resulted in children being returned to the care of the Parents?

71 children on Section 20 orders ended due to a Care Order being obtained.

60 children on Section 20 Orders ended with an end reason of return to parent or an individual with parental responsibility

How many children have been placed with an immediate family member such as Grandparents under the kincare clause or a Special Guardianship order in the past 12 calendar months?

Between 1st April 2017 and the 31st March 2018 we had 58 SGOs granted and 12 fully approved family and friends carers

What is the longest amount of time that a child has been left on a section 20 order without going to Court, ?

The longest amount of time a child had been on Section 20 Order without going to Court is 3858 days, over ten years.