Second Home owners, Council Tax

I would like to know how much revenue is being lost to Devon Councils due to Second Home owners not paying Council Tax to their Second Home local authority. 

Our local council tax rates are high and getting higher every year without services getting better or more accessible. 

Second Home owners use the services paid for by Council Tax, emergency services, hospitals etc but put nothing into the ‘pot’. 

I realise that not all Second Home owners are using the loophole of registering their Second Home as a business but I would like to know how many are and how much is lost in tax evasion this way. 

If we all looked into doing some sort of Air BnB type thing and registering as businesses where would that leave our Counties finances?

Devon County Council is not responsible for Council Tax and therefore does not hold the information requested.

This function is managed by District and Unitary councils in Devon.  Please contact them directly using the information on the links provided.