School streets – numbers, initiatives and planning – 2017-2020

a) How many School Streets there are currently in your local authority area?


b) How much has been spent on School Streets initiatives in the last three financial years?

£349.48 in 2020

c) How many school streets are currently in planning phase (for example, plans have been drawn up or budget has been bid for, for example, via the Department for Transport Emergency Active Travel Fund)?


We can clarify the above responses to confirm that there are currently no permanent “school streets” schemes within the Devon County Council local authority area. However limited trials are being undertaken at up to six sites in 2020/21. Two are live at present and a third is planned to go live on the 9/11/2020. These are being undertaken as temporary measures and the cost shown in 2020/21 for question (b) is for the purchase of the traffic management equipment. This funding came from the Department for Transport Access Fund for Sustainable Travel. Any other costs including staff time and advertising costs for temporary traffic regulation orders have not been recorded.  Further information is available online at: School streets