School Management Information System Contract

“Do you have a licence/contractual arrangement with a School Management Information System (MIS) supplier? Yes.

 Please provide the name of the supplier. The supplier is Capita ESS

Do you provide support for this software? – Yes, support is provided through Scomis

If you have a licence/contract with a MIS supplier, when does this contract end? – 1st April 2021.

Will a formal tender process be carried out for the provision of MIS services? Yes.

Will the local authority manage this process on behalf of schools? Yes, there will be a formal tender process which will be managed by the Local Authority.  This will appear on the Supplying the South West Procurement Portal, and the procurement opportunity will appear under ‘Search Latest Opportunities’.

Please provide contact details of the person(s) that are responsible for the MIS supply for the LA.” – Gavin Punchard, Devon County Council Procurement –, Tel: 01392 383000 (ask for Gavin Punchard).