School keep clear markings enforcement

1. How many School Keep Clear markings do you have with a TRO in place to enable enforcement action to be carried out.

246 School Keep Clears are supported by a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO)

2. How many of the above mentioned markings do you currently enforce.

All mandatory School “Keep Clear” markings will be enforced when parking contraventions are observed, 11 locations are currently identified for routine attendance.

3. How have you carried out enforcement action against vehicles in contravention of this restriction (i.e. CCTV car, CEO on foot issuing PCNs etc.).

Enforcement is carried out by Civil Enforcement Officers on foot.

4. How many PCNs have you issued in the last financial year (2018/19) for vehicles parking in contravention of the above mention restriction.

140 Penalty Charge Notices (PCN’s) issued as code 48 “parked in a restricted area outside a school”.