School Funding and Expenditure

“The following questions relate to school funding and expenditure for financial years: 2014-15 to 2016-17:-

What was the high needs funding block income for each year?

Total working budget on High Needs (after recoupment from EFA and other in year virements):

Financial Year Outturn









What was the high needs spending for each year?

Total spend on High Needs:-

Financial Year Outturn
2014/15 58,420
2015/16 58,619
2016/17 63,647


What was the shortfall in the high needs budget for each year?

If there was a shortfall, how has it been dealt with in each of those three years (2014-15 to 2016-17)?

Please select at least one of the following four options:

  1. Transfers of funding from other blocks of the Dedicated Schools Grant
  2. Use of reserves
  3. Carrying forward overspends
  4. Other (please state)

Surplus in 2014/5 and 2015/6.

2016/17 – Shortfall of £2.778m.   (£1.4m – Use of reserves and £1.378m transfer from other blocks of DSG (surpluses).


What is the projected shortfall in high needs funding for 2017-2018 and, if available, 2018-19?”

2017/18 – Projected Shortfall at month 6 of £2.14m.

2018/19 – Not available