School Buses in Use – September 2020

“I’d like to know how many school buses you will be using in September 2020 to transport students to and from the schools in your area.  I’d also like to know how many were used in the school years starting 2019 and also 2018.

By school buses we take this to mean the number of vehicles 9 seats and above (i.e. operating under a Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) with an operating licence issued by the Traffic Commissioner) operating closed school contracts:

2018: 361
2019: 347
2020: 349 (position mid-August)

I would also like to know how many extra buses and other transportation they will be using to ensure social distancing due to Covid-19.

Based on the current information from operators and schools, we have plans for 71 additional vehicles.

Please provide the information in the form of a spreadsheet, outlining each school in your area with the amount of school buses the council will be providing

The additional vehicles, including the schools served, are detailed on the Travel Devon website by following the link to Latest Bus News.

Please also add whether or not the Council are providing any other type of transportation

As well as PCV contracts, Devon County Council provides transport through licenced taxi and private hire vehicles, County Council vehicles and petrol allowances for parental contributions.

We also purchase season tickets on local bus and rail services for which the additional vehicles are required with the current social distancing guidelines for public transport.