School arson – incidents, damage and spend

I would be grateful if you would provide the following data for the years 2015 to 2020 (to date):

1. A breakdown per year and per month of the number of deliberate school fires where the cause was listed as arson.

Two claims received. Incident dates = 17/01/15 and 12/10/20

2. In how many of these cases was the cost of repairing the damage covered in its entirety by the council? Please provide a breakdown of the total cost of repairs covered by the council, broken down per year.

Both claims were paid from the Council’s insurance fund.
Claim 1 = £744
Claim 2 = £2,066.

3. In how many of the cases was the cost of repairing the damage covered in full or part by insurance? Please provide a breakdown by year of the cost by 1) total cost of repairs 2) total cost to the council of any insurance excess (i.e. any contribution the council had to make to the cost of repairs before the insurance cover was triggered).


4. Please provide a breakdown per year of any additional costs arising from the fires which were covered by the council e.g. cost of temporarily relocating schools, cost of travel for pupils etc