School Admissions and Over Subscription

“Please provide a list of all secondary, middle and upper schools in Devon and whether they were oversubscribed or not-oversubscribed on national offer day 2019 (1st March).

Please include each school’s Unique Reference Number (URN), DFE code, and/or address/postcode to allow us to identify each relevant school without ambiguity.

We define a school to be oversubscribed if, and only if, at least one on-time applicant was refused a place and the applicant did not receive an offer from any higher preference school.”

Devon County Council’s  Response

Additional Notes:
* Click on the school name to be taken to the schools oversubscripton criteria, select the admissions details tab and then expand the Oversubscription Criteria 2019-20 button
* Column P A school is deemed to be oversubscribed if there are no vacancies remaining on National Offer Day.
* Column R If school is oversubscribed, and no distance recorded, this is because the distance tiebreaker was not required
* Column S-AB ( ) Denotes a late application
* Row 8 Colyton Grammar School is a Selective School, each child offered has reached a required pass mark.
* EHCP Education, Health and Care Plan
* Low numbers have been redacted under Section 40(2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 – ‘Personal Information’ as release of these figures could lead to the identification of the individual(s) concerned which would breach the principles of the Data Protection Act 2018.