School Admissions

“Please provide:-

1. A list of all Primary, Infant and Junior schools in Devon and whether they were oversubscribed or not-oversubscribed on national offer day 2020.  Please include each school’s Unique Reference Number (URN), DFE code, and/or address/postcode to allow us to identify each relevant school without ambiguity.  We define a school to be oversubscribed if, and only if, at least one on-time applicant was refused a place and the applicant did not receive an offer from any higher preference school.  If there were no refusals to on-time applicants – even if the school was unable to accept one or more late applications, or admitted over its published admission number (PAN) – then we do not consider this school to be oversubscribed.  If you use a different definition of oversubscription, then please make this clear in the response.

2. The total number of places offered at each school.

Questions 3-5 apply to oversubscribed schools identified in question 1 only:

3. The number of on-time applicants refused a place who did not receive a place at any higher preference school.  By this we mean the number of unsuccessful on-time applicants remaining on each school’s waiting list. Please answer for each individual school.

4. The admission criterion under which the last successful applicant was admitted.

5. The home-to-school distance of the last successful applicant, assuming distance was used to allocate this place.  Please include measurement units and whether this is based upon a walking/driving route, straight line/as the crow flies distance or an alternative measurement system.  Please always list all schools within Devon Local Authority even if you are unable to provide all the requested information – simply mark the relevant values as ‘Not Known’.

Note:  If any of these dates differ – please align to the relevant primary offer/deadline dates for your local authority.
* Primary National Offer Day
* On-time applications
* Late applications.”

The requested information is publicly available on our website via the school admissions link provided.  The categories are the oversubscription criteria, however, this is different for each school, so will need to be viewed in conjunction with the Primary Schools Admission Criteria spreadsheet.

Question 1 (names of all primary, junior and infant schools) is answered within column C of both the School Admissions spreadsheet and the Admission Criteria Spreadsheet and the DFE number is Column A.  Published Admission Number (PAN) for question 2 can be found in column D and Total places allocated column R.

The answer to question 3 can be found in Column AD of the School Admissions spreadsheet; question 4 is column AF and question 5 is column AE.