Childrens social care caseloads

1) How many open cases did you have on 30th June 2018 (including Looked After Children, Child Protection and Children in Receipt of Care and Support (CIN) and those new referrals undergoing assessment)


2) Define how you calculate average caseloads per worker, including how you deal with Wellbeing Officers/Social Work Assistants, Team Managers and Assistant Team Managers who case hold.

Devon County Council does not have wellbeing officers or social work assistants and assistant team managers and team managers do not case hold within Initial Response, Child and Family or Permanence and Transition teams. Family Practitioners do not case hold. Personal Advisors sit within Permanence and Transition teams to support our care leavers, they co-work cases with Social workers until the young person reaches 18, they will then be the sole worker unless an Adult services social worker is involved at which point they will co-work. They remain involved until the young person reaches 25. Cases that have not been assigned to a team will be considered to be allocated to the team that their main caseworker is a member of. However, in the Private Fostering team the Team Manager is included and is said to be case-holding.
• Full time Equivalent (FTE) Caseload Adjustment = Family Practitioners only counted in Permanence and Transition teams, ASYEs throughout adjusted to be 0.6 of their FTE for caseload purposes. If a worker has allocated cases in more than 1 team, their FTE has been pro-rata’d across those teams.
• In ‘Current FTEs – Caseload Adjustment*’ figures Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE) and Newly Qualified Social Workers (NQSW’)s can only carry a 60% caseload and therefore a full time (1 FTE) ASYE or NQSW is adjusted to be 0.6 FTE
• Minus staff shown as on long term sick leave or maternity

3) Average caseloads per worker as per your definition as at 30th June 2018