Sampford Peverell Primary School

I have read in the Mid Devon Local Plan Review that Devon County Council has confirmed that there is existing capacity in the local schools to accommodate development from a proposed development of sixty houses on a site close to Sampford Peverell.

Within the evidence base for the MDDC local plan there is a document called the Devon County Council Evidence Base Report for the Mid Devon Local Plan Review. It is dated February 2015.

Within that 2015 report is the statement that Sampford Peverell Primary School has a capacity of 119 and that its number on roll at that point was 85. There is no indication of whether this includes part-time pupils.

The latest figures (Spring 2017) in your online school census now shows that Sampford Peverell Primary School now has 117 on roll (including part-time pupils). The number of full-time pupils is shown as 102

Please tell me:
1. Has the capacity of this school changed from the 119 figure used in 2015? If so when did it change and what is the new figure?

We can confirm that our data shows the net capacity remains at 119.

2. What is the current spare capacity at this school?

As of 15/06/2017 there are 105 shown on roll, so spare capacity would be 14 places.

3. How is the spare capacity of schools calculated – specifically, are part-time pupils discounted in the calculation?

In this instance spare capacity is calculated by subtracting the current number of pupils on roll from the net capacity. Part time pupils count as pupils on roll and are not discounted.


4. The MDDC statement in the first paragraph refers to ‘local schools’ (plural). Does this mean that DCC has informed MDDC that some or all primary school pupils living on the proposed new development would need to travel to schools in the wider area rather than attend the village primary school?

Devon County Council have not advised Mid Devon that primary pupils from development in Sampford Peverell will need to travel to schools outside of the village. Parental preference may mean that some parents choose for their children to attend schools other than Sampford Peverell.


5. When did DCC last update MDDC with figures on school capacity for Sampford Peverell as part of its Local Plan Review?

Figures for school capacity at Sampford Peverell as part of the Local Plan Review were last provided to MDDC in February 2015, as included in the Evidence Base Report