Rock Park Bridge, Barnstaple

Please provide the following in respect of Rock Park Bridge, Barnstaple

1. Dates and information relating to inspections or surveys conducted on the above structure;

We hold records of the following inspections:
• 19/05/2015 – Principal Inspection of bridge
• 2015-2017 – Various inspections relating to repainting works
• 04/04/2019 – General Inspection of bridge
• 07/05/2020 – Special Inspections of two in-river column supports including Dive survey
• July 2020 – Ground investigations
• Summer/Autumn 2020 – Various site visits and a topographical survey

2. Details of any reports arising from such inspections or surveys on the above structure;

Here is a summary of the key conclusions of each of the above inspections:
• 19/10/2015 Principal Inspection – Recommended maintenance:
o Repainting of most bridge elements
o Replacement of some rivets, timber boards and holding down bolts.
o Unblocking and improvement of drainage
o Some vegetation clearance

• 04/04/2019 General Inspection
o Noted some paint defects for further attention
o Noted some slight section loss and missing bolts in timber decking

• 07/05/2020 Special Inspections of two in-river column supports including Dive Survey
o Details of perforations through the metal of the two in-river column supports, below the water line.
o These inspections led to the closure of the bridge to the public for safety reasons.

• July 2020 Ground Investigations comprising trial pits and boreholes:
o Providing engineering information on soil strata and rock underlying the bridge
o Trial pit exposure of similar metal columns on riverbank; condition acceptable within depth exposed.

• Summer/Autumn 2020 Various site visits for a variety of reasons such as
o Checking diversion route signage
o Inspection of specific details of the bridge
o Discussion of options with contractors
o Topographical survey of bridge and areas

3. Full details and costs of any work carried out on the above structure, or in relation to the structure.

We can confirm the following summary of recent site works carried out on the above structure:

• September 2015 – November 2016: The bridge was repainted, cost £739,000
o October- November 2017: patch repairs to defective areas of paintwork (included within above contract)
• May 2020 – closure of the bridge to the public, establishment of diversion route (costs included within item below)
• May – September 2020, maintenance of temporary signage, replacement with permanent signage cost £27,000
• September 2020 – upgrade of fencing cost £8,000
• January 2021 – Vegetation Clearance cost  £1,100