Roadworks and Resurfacing at Chagford


What was the total cost of the micro-asphalt roadworks in Chagford on 16 & 17 June 2017?

Meldon Road – £12,134

The Square/Southcombe Street – £7,723


What were the alternative quotes for the work and by whom?

Competitive tender for County wide Programme, only one contractor submitted prices; others declined to quote in this instance.

When did Devon County Council make the decision to use this method of repairing/maintaining roads?

The exact date when Devon County Council (DCC) took the decision to use micro-asphalt is not held, but we can confirm that it has been used for very many years as an alternative to surface dressing in urban areas.  It is a sealing process designed to prolong the life of the existing surface, not a traditional resurfacing operation.

Micro-asphalt is used due to the lower potential for loose chippings, wet binder being walked into properties and its ability to provide a degree of regulating to the road profile.


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