Roadwork fines A379 – process and confirmation

Regarding the roadworks which are taking place on the A379 between Matford and Marsh Barton:

I believe fines can be levied for roadworks that overrun.

Under Section 74 New Roads & Street Works Act 1991 (NR&SWA) charges can be levied upon Statutory Undertakers for “occupation of the highway where works are unreasonably prolonged” in respect of ‘Street Works’.

Can you confirm if this is the case with this set of roadworks

The works being undertaken on the A379 Matford to Marsh Barton Road are ‘works for road purposes’ and not ‘street works’ under the NR&SWA 1991.

If so, can you confirm the fines that are being levied at those responsible for the ongoing delays past what was laid out in the initial contract details.

No charges under Section 74 NR&SWA 1991 are applicable to these works.