Roadstone Store – Traveller occupation

1.I would ask for a true cost of site clearance, roadstone store(now occupied by travellers…again)located just off drumbridges roundabout on the road into Liverton, during the two previous occupations to be stated.

In the past a district council has cleared the area on behalf of Devon County Council at a cost of £300. We do not hold any further information specifically with regard to the cost of clearing this specific location but in 2018 we have engaged a contractor to clear both this site and one other at a total cost of £1,400.

2. Following recent attempts to secure the site (which recently failed) . Could you advice me of your plans going forward (with some specification ) to prevent this reoccurring?

Devon County Council are intending to install a lock box on the gate. We were concerned that this would not provide any extra security because intruders could just cut through the gate or its hinges, which would then be a weak point, so we have ordered new taller gates to hopefully combat this. This work will be carried out once DCC have gone through its procedure in relation to the current unauthorised encampment.

A permanent barrier was considered, but this site is regularly used by our contractor, so that wouldn’t have been practical. This is a key strategic site for our resurfacing contractors to use.

The cost of a stronger padlock and chain, which was installed after the last occupation, was £100.
Portaloo provision to combat sanitation issues for the last three years was £1500.

Pre-emptive injunctions are granted by the Courts at their absolute discretion. Therefore it is very difficult to predict the outcome of such proceedings. The process itself is lengthy and could take six months or more to reach a conclusion. Therefore it is not currently considered expedient to seek a pre-emptive injunction in respect of this site, further it would not be in compliance with the Council’s existing policy on dealing with unauthorised encampments.

Devon County Council (DCC) have a range of responsibilities to all sections of our community; we have set out why we work with Gypsy Travellers the way we do in our policy handbook which can be found here:

3.What date was the application for eviction/removal of current occupants submitted ?

This will be determined by Devon County Council at a future date, but by no later than the beginning of 2019, if the encampment has not been vacated by this time