Roadside ragwort reports

Please provide for every case of roadside ragwort reported to the Council (between 1 Jan 2016 and 31 Dec 2018) the following information:
enquiry ref number
subject (i.e. what category of complaint is this in your Council’s system)
date raised
date completed
last status
location (town, parish, road and more detail if available)
enquiry description (i.e. any further commentary held)

A list of reports where all the Enquiry records from 1st January 2016 until 31st December 2018 that have ‘Ragwort’ in the enquiry description can be read in the list via the link below.   This includes the details you have requested but the enquiry description does include personal data about the individual making the enquirer and we are therefore unable to provide this information  as this would be a breach of the first data protection principle and this information is therefore exempt from disclosure pursuant to s. 40(2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Ragwort reports