Roads switched to 20mph – mileage and spend

How many miles of road have been switched to 20 mph speed limits in the each of the years 2018, 2019 & 2020?

Four traffic orders for new / amended 20mph schemes have been introduced in this period and the lengths of new road covered is;

2018 – 0.3 miles – Devon County Council (St Georges Road Area, Barnstaple) (20mph Zone) Order 2018 – 24/07/2018

2019 – 0.3 miles – Devon County Council (Various Roads, Down Thomas, Parish of Wembury) (20mph Speed Limit) Order 2019 – 21/10/2019

Devon County Council (Forches Estate, Barnstaple) (20mph Zone) Order 2019 – 11/03/2019

Devon County Council (Southernhay Area, Exeter) (20mph Zone) Order 2019 – 22/01/2019

2020 – 0 miles

All Traffic Orders processed are publicly available and searchable by using ‘speed restrictions’ on Devon’s website

How many miles overall are signed-only 20 mph speed limits?  

We do not hold this information. The roads and descriptions can be found within the traffic regulation orders website.

How much money has been spent on 20 mph speed limits in the each of the years 2018, 2019, & 2020? 

We do not hold records of the costs for maintenance works for the 20mph schemes.

New scheme costs are

2018 – £30,847.25 (excluding staff time which is not available)

2019 – £1,194.15 (excluding staff time which is not available and excluding costs incurred for Southernhay area scheme as costs were not separated for the 20mph element of the changes and the works were delivered by the developer)

2020 – £0

Further information about 20 mph speed limits has been published previously