Road Work-Rectory Road

I require details of all of the closures of Rectory Road over the last 3 years (in each case I would like dates, purpose and why it was impractical for DCC to use the opportunity to carry out its own works).

We can confirm the following:

Works Completed under road closure by Bridges and Structures team on Rectory Road in last few years:

18th Nov 15 – 8th Jan 16:

2 no. 4.5m high gabion retaining walls (total length 45m)
See Photo 1 & 2.

22nd June – 2nd August 2017:

1 no. 4.5-5.0m high concrete retaining wall (10.0m long)
1 no. 0.5 – 3.5m high concrete retaining wall (30.0m long)
See Photos 3 to 8.


The 2015/16 works were completed following one area of a landslip and another area of severe carriageway cracking. These were identified as high priority to avoid risk of collapse

The 2017 works were completed this financial year when monitoring indicated there was further danger to the highway.

The two schemes could not be completed within one single time period due to property entrances falling within the extremities of the two sets of works, access to the highway needed to be maintained throughout the works period.