Road Maintenance Wotton Lane, Lympstone, Exmouth

1)   Provide a copy of your current road maintenance policy relating to Wotton Lane.  The full policy, to include details of the intended frequency of road safety inspections, how these inspections should be conducted and the maximum time between identification of a defect and repairs being carried out. 

This information is available in our Highway Service Policy

 2)   Provide a copy of the road repair history for that road over the past year. Again, send the full road repair history, including: 

dates of all safety inspections between 20th October until the 19th December 2019

details of how safety inspections were undertaken (walked or driven, speed of inspection vehicle etc) 

details of all carriageway defects identified, with description, date and time 

details of how the authority handled these defects, what repairs were undertaken and the time between the identification of each defect and a repair being carried out.

Please refer to our Road repair history