Road Maintenance Montague Place, Bideford

When was Montague Place last resurfaced (not just patched)? 

Why was it not resurfaced when neighbouring side roads where done a couple years ago?

When is Montague Place scheduled to be resurfaced? 

There are no records of resurfacing works in Montague Place, Bideford, over the last ten years other than essential patching and repair of safety defects such as potholes.  We do not hold any resurfacing information older than ten years so cannot confirm the last time the road was resurfaced

Capital resurfacing works were carried out in 2012 in neighbouring roads Geneva Place, Moorland Terrace and part of the C776 Clovelly Road. Montague Place is a maintenance category 10 road with a low incident level of safety defects. Based upon condition data and its maintenance category the carriageway is not identified as a priority to receive major resurfacing works. It will continue to be inspected and treated for safety defects.

Based upon existing condition data there is no programme for resurfacing Montague Place in 2017/18. Ongoing review of condition data may identify this road for treatment in subsequent years.