Road closure costs paid to Amberon

Under the freedom of information act I wish to know the weekly amount of expenditure on the company Amberon for monitoring the temporary road closures related to Covid 19. I am particularly interested in the expenditure in Exeter so please give me a breakdown of total county wide expenditure and expenditure on Exeter closures

Amberon are the installation and maintenance contractor for the E3 pop up route in Heavitree area of Exeter, including Vaughan Road, Chard Road, Homefield Road and Park Place.
They are not undertaking any of the other schemes in the County.

Expenditure is based on a monthly charge for maintenance, plus an initial fee for the installation on 19th June.
– The Initial installation cost for the 4 sites was £3522.
– The combined monthly maintenance cost for the 4 sites is £3360 per month.

The pop up measures Amberon are overseeing were Installed on 19th June, and therefore cost up to 13th October would be £16,962. The 13th October is the date that the Exeter Highways and Traffic Orders Committee (HATOC) decided measures would stay in place at least until, minutes of which can be found here:

HATOC minutes

This is funded from Devon County’s Councils allocation of £338,000 form tranche 1 of the Emergency Active Travel Fund