Resurfacing works and inspections – Langaton Lane, Exeter

Please provide details of road surface inspections for Langaton Lane, Exeter over the last 3 years, to include results of inspections.

This road is a Category 9 Service Road, and as such, it is inspected annually. Carriageway safety inspections were carried out on 26th March 2019, 25th March 2020 15th July 2020, 4th December 2020 and 28th June 2021.

The results of the inspections of this road from the last three years can be found on this Devon County Council webpage.

Also please provide details of all works carried out on Langaton Lane, temporary repairs and permanent for this period. Also, if and when a requirement for full road re-surfacing/work, has been identified including date identified and how long it has been waiting or if carried out.

The following schemes of work have been identified for Langaton Lane:

Scheme Number Details Date completed/planned
214265816 Doing What Matters (DWM) Potential Scheme 2023/24
202460209 Micro Asphalt Planned Scheme 2022/23
204258953 Drainage TBC
194230385 Patching NP Preventative Pre-Patch Completed 22/01/2021
2688337 Carriageway patching Completed 2018
2661124 Surface Dressing 2018/19 Completed May 2018
2558195 Potential Scheme DWM TBC
2736835 Potential Scheme My Street inbox patching TBC

In addition, Devon County Council carried out drainage improvement works which commenced on 1st June 2021. This was followed by work by Eon to lay heating ducting through the whole of Langaton Lane, which will be re-surfaced at the end of these works.