Residents Parking Restrictions on Priory Road, Exeter

“Resident’s Parking Restrictions – Priory Road, Exeter.

1. When you canvassed ‘all’ the properties in the area affected by this Order how many properties were actually covered?

2. What time of year did you carry out that exercise?

3. How many responses did you actually receive?

4. Which councillors voted to bring this Scheme in, who opposed it and who abstained?”

There have been numerous consultations in this area over recent years.  The latest consultation was the statutory consultation which resulted in the decision to implement the Scheme, so we have responded on the assumption that this is the one referred to in your request (although a similar response would be made to previous consultations).

Answers to Questions 1, 2 and 3 are publicly available within the Exeter Highways and Traffic Orders Committee report dated 9th July 2019.

In answer to question 4, we do not hold details of who opposed and who abstained, so this information is not held.  However, the Exeter Highways and Traffic Orders Committee minutes from 9th July 2019 confirm that it was MOVED by Councillor Aves and SECONDED by Councillor Prowse.